fmSMS - Send & Receive SMS/TXT Messages from FileMaker

fmSMS allows you to send and receive SMS/TXT Messages from FileMaker Pro using one of the supported SMS Gateway providers

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Send SMS/TXT Messages

Send single and bulk SMS/TXT Messages from FileMaker Pro

SMS Gateways

fmSMS is designed to work with multiple SMS Gateways in any country

Advanced Features

fmSMS supports Sender ID, Alphanumeric Sender ID, Delayed Delivery, Delivery Receipts

Message Replies

Receive replies to your send messages directly into FileMaker (where compatible with your SMS Gateway)


You can integrate fmSMS into your existing Contacts database in under 10 minutes

Trial Version

Download the trial version and create a free trial account with one of the supported SMS Gateways and be sending SMS messages within minutes

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