Using SMS Marketing to Drive Revenue

There’s an interesting article on the Xero blog about using SMS marketing to drive revenue – How to increase sales on a budget.

The article illustrates how an Auckland hair salon came invested $45 on an SMS marketing campaign to their existing customers to promote another one of their services that generated $24,000 in short-term revenue and up to $451,955 in long-term revenue.

This demonstrates an effective and appropriate use of SMS marketing to your existing customers – something fmSMS integrated with your FileMaker solution was designed to do.

Telstra SMS API

Earlier this year Telstra, Australia’s biggest mobile phone operator, announced a preview of their new APIs website. I was pleasantly surprised that the first API that they were previewing was an SMS API which they were making available to a limited group of developers. I quickly signed up for the preview and started working out how to add support for the Telstra SMS API to fmSMS – within a few hours I had it successfully sending messages and receiving replies. During the Preview Telstra were not charging for use of the SMS API, however there were a few limitations:

  • you could not send more than 1000 free SMS messages per month
  • you were limited to 100 messages per day
  • you can only send messages to Australian mobile phones

Telstra have recently opened up the SMS API Preview to all developers and it’s still free, subject to the same original limitations. We’ve released an updated version of fmSMS with support for the Telstra SMS API so you can take advantage of the free messaging to Australia numbers during the preview.

You can download a trial version of fmSMS to test the Telstra SMS API Download Trial Version.

Full details about the Telstra SMS API are available at:

Telstra SMS API