System Requirements:

fmSMS v2 is designed to work with FileMaker Pro v10 and 11 and takes advantage of several features in FileMaker Pro v10 that were not available in previous versions (script triggers, conditional formatting, Char function etc).

It is possible to use fmSMS with FileMaker Pro v8 and v9 however you will need to make some minor modifications which are documented on our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.


Click on one of the following options to download a 14 day trial version of fmSMS v2 for Macintosh/Windows:

fmSMS Trial (requires FileMaker Pro v10/11): Mac/Windows  (995K)

Standalone Runtime Version Trial Mac (File Size 62mb – does not require FileMaker Pro)

Standalone Runtime Version Trial Windows (File Size 45mb – does not require FileMaker Pro)

The download is a .zip file – please make sure you unzip/extract the .zip file first before opening fmSMS. On Windows this can be done by right clicking the .zip file and select “Extract All”. On the Macintosh you can simply double click the .zip file to unzip the file (if it was not unzipped automatically after it was downloaded).

Getting Started

To download and test fmSMS for 14 days please complete the following steps:

  1. download and unzip/extract the trial version below
  2. create a trial/test account with one of the supported SMS Gateways. Note your SMS Gateway trial/test account username and password as you will have to enter these into fmSMS (if your account is with Clickatell make sure you create an HTTP API ID  – see the Clickatell HTTP API page for details)
  3. open fmSMS by double clicking the fmSMS.fp7 file. fmSMS will prompt you to install the Troi URL plug-in if it is not already installed. This might require a restart of FileMaker Pro and you will need to open fmSMS.fp7 for a 2nd time.
  4. To enter your SMS Gateway username/password from the Home screen click Gateways to view a list of all the currently supported SMS Gateways. Click on the SMS Gateway where you have created your trial/test account and then click on the Account TAB and enter your Gateway username and password into the fields.
  5. Some SMS Gateways require additional information in addition to the username and password. For example Clickatell requires that you enter your SMS API ID. You can enter this into the Custom Text 1 field. See the FAQ page for details on how to work out what your Clickatell API ID is.
  6. click the Set as Default Gateway button to make this SMS Gateway the default Gateway used when sending SMS messages and click the fmSMS logo in the top left hand corner to return to the fmSMS Home screen.
  7. you will need to enter your Sender ID mobile phone number as well. From the fmSMS Home screen click the Senders button and then the New Sender button and enter your Name, Mobile Phone number (enter it as you would dial it in your Country) and Country then click the fmSMS logo in the top left hand corner to return to the fmSMS Home screen
  8. You are now ready to send your first test SMS message. Click the Contacts button then New Contact and enter your Name, Mobile Phone number (enter it as you would dial it in your Country) and Country. Now click the  button on the SMS History tab to create a new blank SMS message to yourself.
  9. Enter some text into the Message Body and then click the Send button to send yourself a test message.