What are the system requirements for fmSMS v2?

fmSMS v2 requires either FileMaker Pro v10 or FileMaker Pro v11 (it also works with FileMaker Pro Advanced v10 and v11) on either Mac or Windows. All SMS messages are sent via an HTTP POST over the Internet using a plug-in directly to an SMS Gateway. You will need an account with one of the supported SMS Gateways (trial accounts are available to test fmSMS with these Gateways). All messages are sent via port 80 or 443 (SSL).

Our network uses a proxy server. Are we still able to use fmSMS?

Yes – fmSMS allows you to enter a proxy address, port number, username and password in the Preferences section that is used when attempting to sent an SMS. You can download a trial version of fmSMS and test this out before purchasing. If you have any questions about using fmSMS with proxy servers please contact us.

What is the difference between the trial version of SMS and the full version that you purchase?

The trial version of fmSMS differs from the unlocked purchased version as follows:

  • the trial version is a 14 day locked version
  • you cannot edit any scripts, valuelists or layouts in the trial version
  • you do not have access to Manage>Database to do any integration with your own Contacts database
  • any Contacts, Messages, Templates etc you create in the trial version cannot be migrated to the purchased version

I’m using Clickatell as my SMS Gateway. What should I enter for my account details in fmSMS?

You’ll need to enter three pieces of information for a Clickatell account: your Clickatell Username, Clickatell Password and Clickatell HTTP API ID. We’ve created a page with all the details on how to obtain your Clickatell HTTP API ID and how to enter these into fmSMS.

Can I use fmSMS with the Clickatell US Small Business (Two-way) service?

Yes – fmSMS is compatible with Clickatell’s US Small Business (Two-way) service. We’ve created a page that has some important details on how to setup fmSMS for the Clickatell US Small Business (Two-way) service.

Can I use fmSMS without FileMaker Pro?

Yes we also make available a self contained “runtime” version of fmSMS that can operate on its own without FileMaker Pro. Note that the “runtime” version of fmSMS cannot be customised or shared – it is a locked version that can only be used by one user. It’s perfect for individuals that need to send SMS messages from their Mac or Windows desktop computer but don’t require the FileMaker integration or multi-user capabilities.

Do I need to know the mobile carrier for each recipient?

No – the cell/mobile number is all that is required.

Can I use FileMaker Server Side scripts with fmSMS?

Yes – see fmSMS and FileMaker Server Side Scripts page for further details.

How do Replies Work?

When you send an SMS from fmSMS there are several options for the recipient to reply depending on which SMS Gateway you use and how you configure the Sender ID:

  1. Use a real mobile phone number as the Sender ID. Any replies are sent direct to that mobile phone that was used as the Sender ID
  2. Use an Alphanumeric Sender ID (these are usually between 3 and 11 characters, e.g. “Databuzz”). Recipients cannot reply to messages sent using an Alphanumeric Sender ID. They are used for one way announcements/alerts that you don’t expect users to reply to
  3. Use a virtual mobile number as the Sender ID which is not tied to an actual mobile phone. Some SMS Gateways allow you to specify a virtual mobile number as the Sender ID with replies to any messages sent with one of these Sender IDs going back into their system. Some Gateways will allow you to manually retrieve these replies on demand, however most prefer to send these to a webserver that you are running automatically. With FileMaker Server and the PHP API and a static IP address you can setup fmSMS to automatically receive these replies, removing the need for someone to have to manually check for these. Some Gateways charge additional fees to use this feature, including renting a dedicated virtual number. Replies can be matched to the original message so you can see the conversation and context of the reply.

Can I get Delivery Receipts/Confirmation for sent messages from fmSMS?

There are a number of options for checking on the status of messages sent from fmSMS (these features are Gateway specific):

  • most Gateways let you generate reports within their website for messages sent from your Account via their Gateway
  • some Gateways allow you to check on demand for the status of an individual message sent from fmSMS (click the Message Status button on the Message Status tab to perform this from within fmSMS)
  • most Gatways allow you to specify a webserver that you control to be the recipient for automatic delivery reports for all messages sent via fmSMS. This requires FileMaker Server and the PHP API and a static IP address. The Gateway will automatically send status updates for sent messages directly to your server which can be automatically matched to the original message.

Can I use fmSMS with FileMaker Pro v8, v8.5 or v9?

It is possible to use fmSMS with FileMaker Pro v8 and v9 however you will need to make some minor modifications. fmSMS takes advantage of several features introduced in FileMaker Pro v10 (script triggers, Char function), FileMaker Pro v9 (conditional formatting, object resizing) and FileMaker Pro v8.5 (web viewers, List function) that were not available in previous versions. Our page on using fmSMS in earlier versions of FileMaker Pro has all the details.

Can I use the AutoUpdate feature of FileMaker Server to distribute the plug-in?

Yes – if you are using FileMaker Server to host fmSMS you can push the plug-in to FileMaker Pro client computers automatically using the AutoUpdate feature of FileMaker Server. When you purchase fmSMS you will be supplied with a AutoUpdate Files.zip file that has the necessary files that work with the FileMaker Server plug-in AutoUpdate feature.

You need to place the plug-in the AutoUpdate folder on the FileMaker Server computer at the following locations:

Mac OS X: /Library/FileMaker Server/Data/Databases/AutoUpdate/Troi_URL/2600/

Windows: C:/Program Files/FileMaker/FileMaker Server/Data/Databases/AutoUpdate/Troi_URL/2600/

Just move the “Troi_URL” folder that is included in the AutoUpdate Files.zip to the existing AutoUpdate folder at either of these locations. If you are using Mac OS X you’ll need to ensure the permissions for the Troi_URL folder are set correctly. One easy way is to do a Get Info on the AutoUpdate folder and use the “apply to enclosed items” command to set them correctly. You can also set them manually – the FileMaker Server 11 Guide to Updating Plug-ins has the details on page 10:


Finally make sure the  “Allow FileMaker Pro clients to download updates automatically” option is enabled in the FileMaker Server Admin Console under the Database Server > FileMaker Pro Clients tab.

When users open fmSMS the On Open Script will execute and check for the plug-in and download it from FileMaker Server as required. The plug-in will be downloaded to either of these locations:

Windows XP: C:/Documents and Settings/user_name/Local SettingsApplication Data/FileMaker/Extensions

Windows Vista: C:/users/user_name/AppData/Local/FileMaker/Extensions

Windows 7: C:/users/user_name/AppData/Local/FileMaker/Extensions

Mac OS X: Macintosh HD/Users/user_name/Library/Application Support/FileMaker/Extensions

The Troi URL plug-in doesn’t register correctly since I purchased fmSMS?

You probably have an older version of the Troi URL plug-in that was installed with the trial version of fmSMS. The version that you purchase is expecting a newer version of the plug-in when it attempts to register the plug-in. The easiest solution is  to look for any existing copies of the Troi URL plug-in in the following locations and delete them (make sure you quit FileMaker Pro first). Then open fmSMS again and it will install the correct version of the plug-in for you.

Windows (look for a file named Troi_URL.fmx)
C:/Program Files/FileMaker/FileMaker Pro xxxx/Extensions

Mac OS X (look for a file named Troi_URL.fmplugin)
Macintosh HD/Applications/FileMaker Pro/Extensions