fmSMS and FileMaker Go

fmSMS v3 works with FileMaker Go 13/14 for iPad and FileMaker Go 13/14 for iPhone when fmSMS is hosted by FileMaker Server. We use a FileMaker plug-in to send the SMS messages using HTTP POST/GET and PUT requests, which is not possible on FileMaker Go as plug-ins are not supported. The native Insert from URL script step doesn’t work with all SMS Gateways either as some require additional headers to be set as part of the HTTP request, which is not possible using the Insert from URL script step.

The messages are sent from FileMaker Server using a server side script that you schedule, or if you are using FileMaker Server v13 or later you can use the Perform Script on Server script step to have them sent immediately.

When you open fmSMS with FileMaker Go you will navigate to specific layouts for your iPhone or iPad. We’ve added support for viewing Contacts and sending Messages with FileMaker Go – additional support can be easily added as required, for example to view Replies, Delivery Receipts or send a bulk SMS to a found set of Contacts.

In order to use fmSMS with FileMaker Go make sure you’ve followed the steps in the FileMaker Server Side Sending guide for allowing plugins to be used and installed on the server.