fmSMS Integration Guide Updated

We’ve just updated our fmSMS Integration Guide that covers the 2 main ways you can integrate fmSMS into your existing FileMaker solution: Linking or Embedding.

Linking – this is the simplest and quickest type of integration. You link the fmSMS file to your existing file by replacing all the links to the Contacts table with links to your existing Contacts table. You end up with 2 linked files: your existing solution and fmSMS. You will need to have Account Names and Passwords that work in both files (unless you’re using external authentication). Linking fmSMS to your existing file will typically take around 10 – 15 minutes.

Embedding – this is the more complex and time consuming type of integration and involves copying all of the elements from fmSMS into your existing files, so that you end up with your existing file with the functionality of fmSMS embedded into it.

Check out our fmSMS Integration Guide for further details

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