N.B. the following applies to fmSMS v2 only (FileMaker v10/11). For fmSMS v3 (FileMaker v12) please see this page.

FileMaker Server Side scripts can be used in conjunction with fmSMS – the most obvious use is to have the server do the sending of the SMS messages. This has a number of benefits including:

  1. it frees up your computer/workstation, particularly when sending a large number of messages in a bulk session. Instead of having to wait for each message to be sent before you can resume using FileMaker Pro you are able to resume work immediately after clicking the Send button
  2. the server can typically send the messages faster than your workstation: there’s no network traffic overhead (over the LAN or WAN), there’s no FileMaker Pro client running with windows to update, and the server usually has a faster processor and hard drives than your workstation/laptop computer
  3. it allows non FileMaker Pro clients to submit messages to be sent via SMS. For example users could compose messages using FileMaker Go on the iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch and flag them to be sent. A Server Side Script would then process them during its regular scheduled operations and send them.

If you’re planning to use fmSMS with FileMaker Server Side scripts you will need to purchase a special cross-platform Server/Web license of the Troi URL plug-in as the license included with fmSMS only works under FileMaker Pro/FileMaker Pro Advanced. You can get more details here about the special cross-platform Server/Web license of the Troi URL plug-in at:


For details on how to install and enable plug-ins under FileMaker Server please consult the FileMaker Server help as well as this page:


There is a script included with fmSMS (Send Server Side Messages) that you can use as a basis for a FileMaker Server Side script that finds and sends unsent messages every few minutes. We have also published an article on our general blog about debugging FileMaker Server Side scripts that you might find useful: An Approach to FileMaker Server-Side Script Debugging.

If you have any questions about using fmSMS with FileMaker Server Side scripts please contact us.

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