Global Mobile Stats Snapshop

Tomi T Ahonen, a former Nokia executive, shared his snaphot of the global mobile statistics this week looking ahead for the rest of 2011. Here are just of few of the highlights:

  • there are currently over 5.3 billion mobile phone accounts worldwide (out of a population that will pass 7 billion this year). Of these 5.3 billion mobile phone accounts around 3.9 billion are unique (approx 55.7% of the population) and there are around 4.6 billion individual phones
  • SMS text messaging is fast approaching global literacy rates and will most likely peak this year with around 4.5 billion using SMS this year. 85% of Europe mobile subscribers are active SMS users. In China it’s 90%. USA is past 74% (USA and Canada were slow to adopt SMS)
  • traditional media brands like TV are now discovering SMS in greater numbers. Deal or No Deal in America earned 56 million dollars out of SMS votes last year. Major UK advertisers such as Domino’s Pizza and Coca Cola are still increasing their use of SMS

You can read the full report for yourself on his blog.

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