New SMS Gateways Added

We’ve just added 2 more new SMS Gateways to the list of supported SMS Gateways within fmSMS: ViaNett and RoutoMessaging, both of which supported hundreds of carriers/networks globally. Remember if you want your favourite SMS Gateway added to the list of supported SMS Gateways just drop us a line and let us know.

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  1. Leo Puppo
    Leo Puppo says:

    I found your solution very interesting, in order to protote it on our developer community I want to know if do you have SMS Gateways in Latin America.
    Thank you !

    • Andrew Duncan
      Andrew Duncan says:

      Hi Leo,

      Thanks for your comment. Most of the SMS Gateways that fmSMS works with support Latin American destinations. We’re in the process of adding some specific South American Gateways but generally most Gateways will send to most countries.



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