Smartphone Marketing Article Discusses Advantages of SMS Marketing

We just noticed an interesting article on the website about “Targeting your audience via smartphones“. In discussing SMS Marketing it mentions some of the great advantages of SMS Marketing, particularly the open rate of SMS messages:

“While significant amounts of traditional direct marketing such as email and leaflets go unread or unnoticed, 97 percent of SMSs are opened typically within minutes of receiving the message.

With these results, it’s no wonder this form of marketing is a trend that businesses – including gyms, beauty salons, retail stores, cafes and dance schools – are tapping into to try to drive better results for their marketing efforts.”

The high open rate compared to email marketing has always been one of the great strengths of SMS Marketing. Most mobile phone owners carry their phones with them during the day and are more likely to respond to an SMS message vs an email (there’s no junk folder for SMS messages yet and no spam filtering either).




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