Step 1 – Set up an Account with a SMS Gateway Provider.

In order to send and receive SMS/TXT messages using fmSMS you will first need to setup at least one account with one of the supported SMS Gateways (fmSMS allows you to have as many accounts with different SMS Gateways as you like, but you need at least one). You can consult our list of SMS Gateways – remember that most SMS Gateways will send messages internationally, but some are restricted to specific geographic regions. If you are not sure which SMS Gateway to use we recommend starting with Twilio, particular in North America.

Once you have created your SMS Gateway account make a note of your username and password as you will have to enter these into fmSMS.

You can also view the list of supported SMS Gateways from within fmSMS – click on the GATEWAYS button at the top of the screen and select a provider from the list:

List of SMS Gateways for fmSMS v3

List of SMS Gateways for fmSMS v3

Step 2 – Set up an Account in fmSMS