Step 3 – Enter your Sender IDs

When you send an SMS from fmSMS there are several options for setting the Sender ID (this also depends on which options your SMS Gateway supports):

  1. Use a real mobile phone number as the Sender ID. Any replies are sent direct to that mobile phone that was used as the Sender ID
  2. Use an Alphanumeric Sender ID (these are usually between 3 and 11 characters, e.g. “Databuzz”). Recipients cannot reply to messages sent using an Alphanumeric Sender ID. They are used for one way announcements/alerts that you don’t expect users to reply to
  3. Use a shared virtual mobile number as the Sender ID (virtual mobile numbers are not tied to an actual mobile phone). Some SMS Gateways allow you to use one of their shared virtual mobile numbers as the Sender ID. You won’t be able to select which shared number to use but you can use a shared number for 2 way messaging as any replies to that number will be received by the SMS Gateway and matched to the original message you sent.
  4. Use a dedicated virtual mobile number that you purchase/rent as the Sender ID. A dedicated virtual mobile number is the ultimate solution for 2 way message as it allows your customers/staff/students etc to send a message at any time to the dedicated virtual number, as well as when replying to messages you send using the virtual mobile number as the Sender ID.

If you are going to be using real mobile phone numbers (option 1 above) as the Sender ID – the “Sender Mobile” default Sender ID – then you need to create a record for each person/number that you wish to use (N.B. not all SMS Gateways support using a mobile phone number as the Sender ID). Most SMS Gateways will also require that you verfiy this number first before they allow you to use it as a Sender ID – this is typically done by sending a token/code to the mobile phone which you then enter into a form on their website to prove that you are the owner/have access to that mobile phone.

Click on the SENDERS button at the top of the screen to view any existing Sender records (this will be empty for new users). Click the New Sender button on the toolbar to create a new Sender record. Enter the Name, Mobile Phone and Country for the Sender. The Country Code and International Format fields will be entered automatically. When entering the Mobile Phone number enter it as you would dial it in your Country.

N.B. some SMS Gateways require that any Sender ID’s, both mobile phone and Alphanumeric, are approved for use before attempting to send Messages using these Sender ID’s. This helps prevent spoofing and the misuse of Sender ID’s. Clickatell, for example, require that any mobile phone or Alphanumeric Sender ID’s are approved before they can be used – see the Clickatell Sender ID User Guide for more information.