Step 9 – FileMaker Server Side Sending

fmSMS allows you to send Messages in 2 different ways:

  1.  immediately once you have finished composing your Message
  2.  if your copy of fmSMS is hosted by FileMaker Server v12 you also have the option of queueing the Message to be sent using FileMaker Server. This is also the method for sending Messages generated by FileMaker Go for iPad and FileMaker Go for iPhone, and FileMaker WebDirect.

Offloading the sending of Messages to FileMaker Server offers a number of advantages, including:

  • when sending a large number of Messages as part of a bulk SMS operation your computer will be tied up until the last Message is sent. Queueing the Messages to be sent via FileMaker Server frees up your computer
  • speed: the Server can typically send the messages faster than a client workstation
  • support for non FileMaker Pro clients such as FileMaker Go for iPad and FileMaker Go for iPhone

Before you can begin sending Messages via FileMaker Server you must first create a scheduled task using the FileMaker Server Admin Console application. Here is a summary of the steps required to setup a server side script to send Messages using fmSMS.

  1.  login to your FileMaker Server using the FileMaker Server Admin Console application
  2. under the menu options on the left hand side navigate to FileMaker Server Overview>Configuration>Database Server and click on the Server Plug-Ins tab at the top
  3. ensure there is a tick for both Enable FileMaker Script Engine (FMSE) to use plug-ins and Allow Install Plug-In File script step to update Server plug-ins. Click the Save button
Server Admin Plugins

Server Admin Plugins

  1. under the menu options on the left hand side navigate to FileMaker Server Overview>Administration>Schedules
  2. using the Actions menu select Create a Schedule… and click the Perform Action button to the right to create a new scheduled task
  3. for 1. Select a task select Run Script and click Next
Server Task 1

Server Task 1

  1. for 2. Select a script type select FileMaker Script and click Next
Server Task 2

Server Task 2

  1. for 3. Select a database to run the script select fmSMS.fmp12. Select Account Name and Password below that and enter the Account Name and Password from your welcome email and click Next.
  2. for 4. Select the script select the script Send Server Side Messages and click Next.
  3. for 5. Add script options make sure there is a tick in the Time limit box and also the Abort schedule if time limit reached or server stopped. You can leave the default time limit of 00hh 10mm. Click Next.
Server Task 5

Server Task 5

  1. for 6. Schedule the script make the appropriate selections for your requirements. For example you might only require the schedule to run between 9am and 5pm on weekdays or every 15 minutes depending on your requirements. Once you have made your selections click Next.
  2. for 7. Name the schedule enter a name such as fmSMS Send Server Side Messages and click Next.
  3. for 8. Enable email notifications if you wish to be notified tick the box and enter your email address and click Next.
  4. for 9. Summary review the schedule details and click Finish.

Make sure there is a tick in the Enabled box to the left of the Schedule.

You can now test that the server side sending is working correctly by creating a new Message and clicking the Queue Message button and ensuring that the Message is sent and received successfully (send a test message to yourself so you can monitor this easily).

You can also test this is working correctly by opening fmSMS using FileMaker Go for iPad and FileMaker Go for iPhone and sending a Message. You can also test this by accessing fmSMS using FileMaker WebDirect.