It is possible to use fmSMS with FileMaker Pro v8 and v9 however you will need to make some minor modifications. fmSMS takes advantage of several features introduced in FileMaker Pro v10 (script triggers, Char function), FileMaker Pro v9 (conditional formatting, object resizing) and FileMaker Pro v8.5 (web viewers, List function) that were not available in previous versions.

You will need to make the following modifications to fmSMS if you plan on using it with FileMaker Pro v8, 8.5 or v9.

FileMaker Pro v9

FileMaker Pro v9 does not support script triggers which are used in several areas within fmSMS. You will need to make several changes to work around the lack of script triggers in FileMaker Pro v9 (alternatively if you are currently using a script triggering plug-in you could modify fmSMS to work with your existing script triggering plug-in.

Script triggers are used to enter the SMS Gateway Account Password, to update the Character Count and Number of Credits when typing a message, and to automatically insert a Template when selected from the list. The Character Count and Number of Credits can simply be converted to calculation fields but they will only update when you click outside of the Message Body field (both for bulk SMS and single SMS messages).

FileMaker Pro v8.5

As above for FileMaker Pro v9. Conditional formatting is used throughout fmSMS to highlight the current record in the List Views and also to change the colour of Character Count and Number of Credits fields when the Number of Credits is greater than 1. This conditional formatting will not appear in versions of FileMaker before v9.

FileMaker Pro v8

As above for FileMaker Pro v9 and 8.5. Web Viewers are used in a few places within fmSMS, however the default Web Browser will be used instead for opening websites (e.g. the SMS Gateway website).

For details on which fields need replacing with calculations please contact us.