v4.2.9 – 21 June 2022

  • removed support for Live SMS SMS Gateway

v4.2.8 – 17 May 2022

  • BulkSMS.com SMS Gateway: added support for creating webhooks from fmSMS
  • BulkSMS.com SMS Gateway: updated PHP files for JSON Webhooks for PHP API and Data API

v4.2.7 – 24 March 2022

  • Esendex SMS Gateway: added support for checking credits
  • Esendex SMS Gateway: added support for downloading incoming messages by date range
  • added Data API PHP files for Esendex SMS Gateway
  • added PHP API PHP files for Esendex SMS Gateway

v4.2.6 – 02 March 2022

  • removed support for Sendsei SMS Gateway

v4.2.5 – 01 October 2021

  • renamed Next Gateway references to Vonage
  • added new SMS Gateway: Chatti

v4.2.4 – 20 August, 2021

  • removed older SMS Global HTTP API Gateway references (replaced by SMSGlobal REST API Gateway)

v4.2.3 – 19 August, 2021

  • added new SMS Gateway: sms77
  • added new SMS Gateway: SMSGlobal REST API
  • added Data API PHP files for SMSGlobal REST API Gateway

v4.2.2 – 20 July, 2021

  • Telstra SMS Gateway: changed from setting $$telstraToken and $$telstraTokenExpires global variables to storing these in fields in the Accounts table to support using multiple accounts in fmSMS for Telstra
  • added Data API PHP files for Burst SMS Gateway
  • added new SMS Gateway: TextTeam

v4.2.1 – 15 April, 2021

  • updated to support downloading incoming messages manually for the Telstra SMS Gateway
  • added Data API PHP files for Telstra SMS Gateway

v4.2 – 05 April, 2021

  • updated Chat View Web Viewer format to current iOS iMessage style
  • updated navigation from Contacts Form layout to Contacts Form WebViewer to prevent Chat View from loading the same messages twice
  • added new SMS Gateway: RingCentral
  • added Webhooks table to support downloading, creating/updating and deleting Webhooks directly from the fmSMS file where supported by the SMS Gateway. Initial support for RingCentral SMS Gateway.
  • added new fields to Accounts table to support OAuth 2.0 authentication where supported by the SMS Gateway. Initial support for RingCentral SMS Gateway.
  • moved Account Proxy Server fields to popover button
  • added script for Telstra SMS Gateway to register a number to use with the Telstra Free Trial
  • added script for Telstra SMS Gateway to create a subscription and return the Telstra number for your Account record

v4.1.3 – 15 February, 2021

  • added new SMS Gateway: Beem Africa

v4.1.2 – 03 February, 2021

  • updated Cellcast Gateway to support Alphanumeric Sender ID
  • added new SMS Gateway: TeleSign
  • optimised processing of manually downloaded SMS Replies by breaking each individual record into a separate $record variable within the loop

v4.1.1 – 06 November, 2020

  • added new SMS Gateway: Cellcast
  • added new SMS Gateway: CheckMobi

v4.1 – 27 October, 2020

  • fixed issue with duplicate check for IsEmpty ( BulkSessions::_kf_AccountID ) when sending Bulk Session
  • SMS Global Gateway: changed url encoding of MessageBody to handle FileMaker ¶ returns when sending messages and update URL for checking delivery status of sent messages
  • added navigation buttons to go from Accounts to selected Gateway and Messages to selected Account
  • added new SMS Gateway: Cellcast
  • added new SMS Gateway: The SMS Works
  • updated trial version to use CARD window
  • consolidated Portrait and Landscape layouts for FileMaker Go
  • updated FileMaker Go layouts navigation
  • changed Header part to Top Navigation on iPhone/iPad list view layouts

v4.0.16 – 17 July, 2020

  • update Twilio Get Replies script to include times for date from/date to filter query
  • added new SMS Gateway: Live SMS

v4.0.15 – 22 June, 2020

  • added new SMS Gateway: Bulksms2u.com

v4.0.14 – 15 June, 2020

  • added new SMS Gateway: Mocean

v4.0.13 – May 18, 2020

  • added new SMS Gateway: 5c SMS
  • Accounts: Check Balance button now hidden if not supported by SMS Gateway
  • updated Expert Texting scripts to support use of API Secret Key instead of password

v4.0.12 – April 22, 2020

  • updated Digicel Gateway scripts
  • updated Chat View to swap the positions of the blue and green bubbles
  • added new SMS Gateway: SignalWire 
  • Twilio Gateway now supports checking the Account Balance

v4.0.11 – March 04, 2020

  • updated iOS navigation script to prevent error when clicking home icon on home layout
  • updated all FileMaker Go layouts to use Interface::VersionNumber field on home layouts
  • deleted Interface::zl_VersionNumber field
  • removed Bandwidth subscripts in the Check Account Balance and Query Status of Current Message scripts
  • updated OnFirstWindowOpen Script FileMaker Go branch to hide top menu and edit record toolbar

v4.0.10 – February 25, 2020

  • added new SMS Gateway: Nobel SMS 

v4.0.9 – February 08, 2020

  • added new SMS Gateway: MessageBird

v4.0.8 – January 17, 2020

  • updated to support the v2 API for the Bandwidth Gateway

v4.0.7 – January 14, 2020

  • restored Bandwidth Gateway record to Gateways table

v4.0.6 – November 13, 2019

  • added support for manual checking for replies for SMS Gateway: Intelli Messaging
  • added support for manual checking for replies for SMS Gateway: Expert Texting
  • added support for manual checking for replies for SMS Gateway: Webtext
  • updated ‘Send SMS – Expert Texting’ script to use JSON for request and updated URL
  • consolidated separate iPhone4 and iPhone5 layouts into single iPhone layouts

v4.0.5 – September 28, 2019

  • added new SMS Gateway: Vivial Connect
  • fixed issue with calculating localOffSet value for timestamps (was using old plugin function)

v4.0.4 – September 12, 2019

  • added support for manual checking for replies for SMS Gateway: Twilio API for WhatsApp

v4.0.3 – September 03, 2019

  • updated FileMaker Go layouts to send message locally instead of via FileMaker Server
  • added new SMS Gateway: Sinch
  • added new SMS Gateway: smsflatrate.net
  • added new SMS Gateway: Cadoo
  • added support for manual checking for replies for SMS Gateway: ClickSend
  • added support for manual checking for replies for SMS Gateway: MessageMedia
  • added support for manual checking for replies for SMS Gateway: CDyne
  • added new table occurrence: RepliesMessagesOutgoingID
  • changed relationship match fields for the MessagesReplies table occurrence

v4.0.2 – August 14, 2019

  • fixed issue when calculating the localOffSet when it was a negative value
  • add new SMS Gateway: EZ Texting

v4.0.1 – August 07, 2019

  • change url encoding of MessageBody to handle FileMaker ¶ returns for Twilio Gateway

v4.0 – August 06, 2019

  • runs natively on FileMaker v16 or later and no longer requires a FileMaker plug-in
  • updated to support the latest API for each supported SMS Gateway
  • simplified the setup to make integration into existing solutions much faster
  • added support for receiving messages using the FileMaker Data API using FileMaker Server or FileMaker Cloud for AWS*
  • Send Messages to WhatsApp Users using the Twilio API for WhatsApp

v3.84 – August 05, 2019

  • updated CDyne Gateway Send Formula to use the EscapeXML custom function for the the message body
  • updated to BaseElements plug-in to v3.3.8 (Code Signed) for FileMaker Pro 18 compatibility

v3.84 – 22/01/2019

  • updated to support new Quiubas SMS API

v3.83 – 14/09/ 2018

  • updated the Twilio with Automatic Delivery Receipts Gateway record to use the StatusCallback parameter instead of a TwiML app for storing the delivery receipts URL

v3.82 -29/06/2018

  • added Mitto SMS Gateway
  • added Síminn SMS Gateway

v3.81 -28/03/2018

  • changed incorrect ‘Messages’ field references to BulkSessions field references for sender validation steps when sending Bulk SMS
  • updated SMS Global Gateway records for new HTTP API URLs

v3.8 – 03/10/2017

  • updated Telstra Gateway to use the v2 API
  • added custom options for checking Message Status and Retrieving Replies

v3.79 – 10/04/2017

  • added Bandwidth SMS Gateway
  • updated to Base Elements plug-in v3.3.4
  • added OnRecordLoad script trigger to Contacts Form WebViewer layout
  • updated settings for SMS Broadcast 2 Way Shared Number Gateway record for credit checks/delivery delay support

v3.78 – 07/11/2016

  • added Zipwhip SMS Gateway

v3.77 – 23/10/2016

  • updated SMS Broadcast Gateway record to handle delayed delivery
  • added 2nd SMS Broadcast Gateway record for use with 2 Way Shared Numbers

v3.76 – 19/09/2016

  • remove trailing ? character from Clickatell Gateway Send URLs
  • added Red Oxygen SMS Gateway
  • added Zen Interactive Technologies SMS Gateway
  • fixed bug with BulkSessions server side script loop
  • updated to Base Elements plug-in v3.3

v3.75 – 07/06/2016

  • updated to use ExpertTexting REST API

v3.74 – 06/06/2016

  • added LabsMobile SMS Gateway

v3.73 – 22/01/2016

  • added ClickSend SMS Gateway
  • added ClickSend SMS Gateway
  • added Wholesale SMS Gateway
  • updates to Base Elements plug-in v3.2.0

v3.72 – 2/12/2015

  • fixed issue with the id parameter for the Perform Script on Server (was using the Messages ID field not the BulkSessions ID field)

v3.71 – 1/11/2015

  • updated to convert line feed characters into spaces when generating chat view to preserve individual messages
  • can now show chat view even with no previous sent/received messages

v3.7 – 15/10/2015

  • updated List View layouts to expand horizontally when stretched
  • added Astin Soft SMS Gateway
  • added Digicel SMS Gateway

v3.69 – 02/09/2015

  • added ‘quick message’ button to the chat view screen to quickly type and send a message
  • updated HTML chat source to always scroll to the bottom of the web viewer

v3.68 – 11/08/2015

  • updated Nexmo SMS Gateway Message Status calc for additional status types

v3.67 – 04/08/2015

  • added SMSmasivos Gateway
  • added custom options subscript for Check Account Credits script

v3.66 – 28/07/2015

  • updated HQSMS SMS Gateway record for changes to new name SMSAPI
  • fixed issue with BE_MessageDigestType_MD5 now renamed to BE_MessageDigestAlgorithm_MD5
  • added Mensajes México SMS Gateway
  • added Webtext SMS Gateway

v3.65 – 16/07/2015

  • updated to BaseElements plugin v3.1
  • fix issue with credit checks calc formula for the Clickatell Gateway
  • fix bug with chat view

v3.64 – 03/07/2015

  • added Neon SMS SMS Gateway
  • added Chat view of sent/received messages in Contacts

v3.63 – 22/06/2015

  • updated Esendex SMS Gateway record – fixed Message Status calc, updated Message ID calc
  • added Esendex REST API record
  • added smsflatrate.net SMS Gateway
  • fixed Go to Contact button on Replies Form parameters to use RepliesMessagesByMobile

v3.62 – 21/06/2015

  • set the DevLicense as the default account under File Options

v3.61 – 15/06/2015

  • added support for HTTP GET requests when sending messages
  • removed the Example Syntax field from the Gateways Form layout
  • fixed bug with Sent Bulk SMS script that was clearing the Messages::SendResult field

v3.6 – 19/05/2015

  • opened with FileMaker Pro v14
  • updated plug-in installation script to install 32-bit or 64-bit version of the plugin under FileMaker Pro v14

v3.56 – 20/04/2015

  • added Telstra SMS Gateway
  • added subscript to handle custom/non standard options for authentication and set Headers to sending/message status scripts (required for Telstra SMS Gateway support)

v3.55 – 02/04/2015

  • added Plivo SMS Gateway
  • added Moreify SMS Gateway
  • added CS Networks SMS Gateway
  • changed Message Media SMS Gateway from HTTP POST method to SOAP method
  • updated SMS Solutions Australia Gateway record to v3 of their API
  • added GetAsNumber (  ) when processing incoming message counts to ensure data type is number

v3.54 – 28/01/2015

  • removed auto-enter calc options for fields in Gateways table to prevent these being overwritten when importing as part of integration into another solution
  • updated Burst SMS Gateway to use new Gateway URL and renamed to v1 of API
  • added new Burst API v2 Gateway record to be used for new Burst customers
  • updated scripts to use BE_Curl_Set_Option ( “CURLOPT_HTTPAUTH” ; 1 ) when the “use HTTP basic auth” setting is set to Yes
  • update to Base Elements plug-in v3.0

v3.53 – 20/01/2015

– added support for the Skebby SMS Gateway

v3.52 – 19/11/2014

  • updated Twilio Gateway records to support long messages greater than 160 characters
  • added support for the PageOne/Oventus SMS Gateway

v3.51 – 12/08/2014

  • fixed bug with evaluating the Replies Incoming URL for XML Import

v3.5 – 28/07/2014

  • updated/create layouts for iPad/iPhone for FileMaker Go – now requires FileMaker Go v13
  • changed FileMaker Go layouts to use the Enlightened Touch theme
  • added enotified.com Gateway
  • updated the Trim4 custom function to the latest version
  • fixed extraneous trailing return character when inserting a Template
  • updated to leave cursor in Delivery Delay field when modifying value via keyboard not menu
  • changed references in QuickFind scripts to use $lastError instead of $LastError

v3.45 – 09/07/2014

  • fixed bug with 160.com.au Message Status calc
  • added Custom Function: EscapeXML
  • add option to escape XML entities for SMS Gateways that use XML/SOAP
  • update Intelli Messaging SMS Gateway for 2 way shared number, delivery delays, message status
  • added CM Telecom/Direct SMS Gateways (pre-paid and post-paid accounts)
  • updated Gateways table to include new option for including leading double zeroes before recipient number (CM Direct requirement)
  • added support for FileMaker WebDirect
  • update to Base Elements plug-in v2.3.0

v3.4 – 25/4/2014

  • updated to BaseElements plugin v2.2.2
  • updated Clickatell Gateway Codes
  • added ReachSMS Gateway
  • added Mogreet/Outspoken Gateway
  • added Click SMS Gateway

v3.3 – 24/3/2014

  • updated to BaseElements plugin v2.2.b2
  • added Fastsms.co.uk SMS Gateway
  • added Wireless Services SMS Gateway
  • updated Clickatell Gateway Codes
  • added ReachSMS Gateway
  • added Mogreet/Outspoken Gateway

v3.2 – 09/02/2014

  • added 46elks SMS Gateway
  • added World-Text SMS Gateway
  • added support for HTTP PUT Method for sending messages

v3.1 – 27/01/2014

  • opened with FileMaker Pro v13
  • updated to use the new Perform Script on Server script step when queuing messages under FileMaker Pro/Go v13
  • updated to install 64bit version of BaseElements plugin when running under FileMaker Server v13 on Windows
  • updated create Bulk SMS process to use new List Of summary field type when gathering list of Contact IDs
  • added Linea SMS Gateway (Spain)
  • added RapidSMS Gateway (Singapore)
  • created new BulkSMS.com USA Gateway record
  • renamed existing BulkSMS.com Gateway record to reflect it’s for use with the International site/API
  • fixed minor bug with not setting the default SenderID Type for BulkSessions

v3.08 – 17/12/2013

  • updated BulkSMS.com SMS Gateway record
  • updated Mediaburst SMS Gateway record to Clockwork XML API
  • fixed bug with retrieving/updating Message Media incoming messages

v3.07 – 18/09/2013

  • added MobiWeb SMS Gateway
  • added txtNation SMS Gateway
  • resolved issues with SmSBoX.be SMS Gateway

v3.06 – 02/09/2013

  • added CDyne SMS Gateway
  • added Silverstreet SMS Gateway
  • added SMS Solutions Australia SMS Gateway
  • changed Replies URL field to be evaluated as calculation allowing for passing of dynamic parameters in the URL (required for HTTP GET support)

v3.05 – 23/08/2013

  • added Expert Texting SMS Gateway
  • added Quiubas SMS Gateway
  • added Incoming Messages portal to Contacts Data Entry screen
  • added progress dialog to Bulk SMS using BaseElements plugin
  • converted debug mode from global field to global variable

v3.04 – 03/08/2013

  • updated to work with new SMSDome API
  • added Nexmo SMS Gateway
  • added HQSMS SMS Gateway
  • added iTagg SMS Gateway
  • added Message Status Custom Header fields

v3.03 – 11/07/2013

  • updated to BaseElements plugin v2.1
  • added Twilio SMS Gateway
  • added support for HTTP basic auth
  • added support for HTTP GET as well as HTTP POST when checking Message Status
  • changed Send Message URL and Message Status URL fields to be evaluated as calculations allowing for passing of dynamic parameters in the URL (required for Twilio support)

v3.02 – 26/06/2013

  • official release for v3

v3.01 – 03/05/2013

  • rewritten for FileMaker Pro v12

v2.96 – 21/06/2015

  • set the DevLicense as the default account under File Options

v2.95 – 09/03/2015

  • added support for manual checking of incoming messages for Message Media Gateway
  • changed Message Media SMS Gateway from HTTP POST method to SOAP method

v2.94 – 27/2/2015

  • fixed bug with bulk SMS script not passing the MessageID parameter to subscript required for Message Media Gateway

v2.93 – 26/11/2014

  • added support for PageOne Oventus SMS Gateway

v2.92 – 30/05/2014

  • added support for CDyne SMS Gateway

v2.91 – 07/05/2014

  • added support for Outspoken (Mobile Messenger) SMS Gateway


  • updated to support Twilio SMS Gateway


  • added support for HTTP Basic AUTH
  • updated to support SMS Solutions Australia SMS Gateway


  • added Burst SMS Gateway
  • added SMS Broadcast Gateways
  • updated to new version of SMS Central API (v2)


  • updated to the Troi URL Plug-in v2.6.2


  • updated to the Troi URL Plug-in v2.6.1
  • added smsbox.be Gateway


  • added new field in Gateways table for URLEncodeMessage – can now optionally URL Encode the Message on a per Gateway basis
  • added new field in Gateways table for CustomHeader – can now optionally set a Custom Content Header on a per Gateway basis
  • added new field in Gateways table for TrimResult – can now optionally cleanup the Send Result on a per Gateway basis
  • added new SMS Gateway: Dragon UK
  • made the fmSMS_Prefs.fp7 file hidden by default and renamed script to indicate file is hidden


  • updated SMS Global 2 Way XSLT to 1.0v2 to process 2 Way API replies and incoming messages to dedicated virtual numbers
  • added scripts to fmSMS_Prefs.fp7 file to toggle Multi User On and Off
  • adjusted record access privileges for fmSMS_Prefs.fp7
  • fixed issue with field labels for meta fields (created/modified/created by/modified by) in the wrong positions on some layouts
  • fixed Check Spelling button in the bulk email screen to check the BulkSessions::MessageBody field
  • add fields for Proxy Server Username and Password (requires Troi URL plug-in v2.5 or later)
  • added new layout in the Replies table to handle replies to Virtual Dedicated Numbers that don’t match to an originating message
  • create new associated PHP page to handle incoming messages/replies to Virtual Dedicated Numbers that don’t have the userfield parameter (SMS Global)
  • added new button/script to send SMS Message to current Contact for current SMS Message
  • added new SMS Gateways: TextMagic, SMS Central


  • updated to Troi URL plug-in v2.6
  • added Auto Update plug-in scripts to download plug-in automatically from FileMaker Server
  • included sample script to send SMS messages server side
  • added new fields to Home table: zl_ServerPluginLicense_g
  • added new fields to Preferences table: ServerPluginLicense
  • added new fields to Messages table: SendServerSide
  • created new FileMaker Account for sending server side scripts
  • added Clickatell 2 Way SMS Gateway profile (specifically for USA Small Business Solution)


  • adjusted Trial Version privilege set to allow editing menu commands
  • updated Create New Bulk SMS Session to Found Set of Contacts script in Contacts Demo to not include any script parameters
  • added _kf_EventID field in SMSMessages table (Foreign Key field for Parent Event Table (e.g SeecodeCalendar))


  • fixed bug with Bulk SMS not setting Character Count and SMS Credits correctly
  • fixed bug with Bulk SMS not updating Merge Fields correctly


  • enhancements to trial version initial setup


  • allow to check message status of delayed delivery messages for SMS Global
  • added check to prevent checking message status for delivery delayed messages that have not been sent yet


  • fixed bug with manual replies
  • added additional SMS Gateways


  • public release via www.fmsms.com

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